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Analogue & Digital residential recording in rural Warwickshire


Otterhead Studios - Live Room
Otterhead Studios - Live Room

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Otterhead Studios - Control Room
Otterhead Studios - Control Room

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Otterhead Studios - Neve Suitcase 16
Otterhead Studios - Neve Suitcase 16

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Otterhead Studios - Live Room
Otterhead Studios - Live Room

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  • SSL 4016 E custom console

  • Neve 54 series 16 ch “Suitcase” Mixer – Sidecar

  • 4 x Calrec (api POM modded) mic pres

  • 2 x Ferrograph 4a POM modded Valve mic pres + DI

  • 1 x Ferrograph 6a Valve pre + DI

  • 3 x Mic pre custom rack V72a, BBCAM7 mod & WSW

  • 2 x Drake Channel strips 2 Ch

  • TLAudio Indigo Channel strip

  • 1 x Neve 33609 comp/lim

  • 2 x Neve 2262 comp/lims

  • 1 x 1176 Hairball Revision D

  • Siemens U273S comp/lim

  • Fairchild stereo comp 670 POM

  • Tube Crusher (Thermonic culture clone)

  • ORTF 2 band stereo EQ

  • AMS RM1X6

  • AMS 1580 Delay

  • Yamaha SPX90

  • 2 x Empirical Labs Distressors

  • 2 x KT Pultec EQs POM mod

  • 1 x KTLA2A POM mod

  • Spring reverb Mono POM

  • Behringer Play personal monitoring system

  • Focusrite Red Line 16 – Rednet A16R

  • Protools HDX

  • Mac Mini 2018

  • Focal Twin Be + focal Sub 5:1 monitoring

  • Focal Shape nearfields

  • Yamaha NS10’s

  • Main Rogers LS/58 custom tuned, Quad amps.

• 1 x U47 Telefunken valve clone

• 2 x Coles 4038
• 1 x STC4016
• 2 x AKG 414 EB Silver

• 2 x AKG C3000B Scott Dorsey FET mod
• 1 x AKG 451
• 3 x AKG C418
• 2 x AKG D25
• 2 x AKG D224E
• 1 x AKG D130
• 2 x Calrec C1050
• 2 x Calrec CC50
• 4 x Sennheiser 421
• 1 x Sennheiser 416
• 1 x Sennheiser 901
• 2 x Sennheiser 805
• 1 x EV RE20
• 1 x EV RE50
• 1 x EV ND168
• 1 x EV 635a
• 4 x Shure SM58
• 4 x Shure SM57
• 2 x Shure SM7
• 1 x Shure M63
• 1 x Shure SM85
• 3 x Neumann 84i
• 1 x Neumann U87
• 2 x Neumann 84
• Solomon Sub kick lo-freq


Consoles & Outboard


Otterhead Studios is a writing and recording retreat where bands and artists can escape into an idyllic rural environment and focus on creativity.

The studio is situated in peaceful gardens bordering the river Avon, surrounded by acres of rolling farmland. We are located just 56 minutes from London.

The studio consists of a 55m2 full height live room that is ideal for recording live bands and 25+ piece string sections. The control room is based around an SSL Custom E series console previously used at Moles Studios in Bath and has been used by artists such as Bjork, Portishead, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, The Chemical Brothers and Elbow.

The control room also has a great selection of boutique outboard including Neve, Calrec, AMS, Empirical Labs, Fairchild and custom valve mic pres.


The extensive microphone selection, house backline and drum collection provide everything required for an exclusive recording and writing setup.

Otterhead Studios is the perfect retreat to write and record your next tracks or to work on an album.  We have accommodation for 6 people within our converted stable and barn. Further accommodation is available on request.





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We recorded a live session at the studio before it was fully operational but I have to say that for a residential studio the location is amazing. I stayed at the studio and was able to do a lot of writing here in the spare time we had and in the morning before recording.  The accommodation was amazing and I was genuinely excited about the prospect of bringing a band away to write and record at somewhere I found both inspiring and peaceful at the same time.  


The studio itself is spacious and sounds great and everyone involved with working there is both knowledgable, friendly and incredibly helpful.   Couldn't recommend it enough.



My band, Firestations, recorded a large part of our third album at Otterhead Studios in January 2019. It was an absolute joy to record there - Oscar is a great engineer and all the gear (and his understanding of it) is second to none. The studio really has the best of both worlds with analog working alongside digital to achieve a modern sound that still has a classic analog feel. This is exactly what we wanted and I'm very pleased with the results. At the risk of going full audionerd, I could listen to the isolated snare tracks all day - so beautiful. We'll definitely be going back.

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I really enjoyed our time at Otterhead. Oscar and his team looked after us brilliantly and our session was well organised from set-up to final take.





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